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Panamax’s CMS solution enables operators, aggregators, MNOs and MVNOs to create, upload, validate, format and publish propriety or third party content like articles, news, audio, video and more. They can manage all this multimedia content effectively and also deploy solutions at multiple locations across the globe. The CMS platform has a high level architecture with CMS/CDP, customer profiling, billing engine, etc. User generated data can also be transcoded for display on user devices.

Key Features

Extremely Fluid design

DRM support for avoiding content piracy

Content under distribution – games, movies, songs, Live TV etc

Live streaming of movies and songs

Multiple billing support

Pay Per Download, Subscrip8on, T&B, Pay Per Use, Daily Rental

Key Benefits

Revenues with new VAS offering

Data bundle revenue

Increase customer engagement

Generate new cross selling and up selling opportunities

Generate revenues by Third Party ad Server Integration

Translate subscriber engagement into customer retention