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MToolKit is a highly versatile system with two key focus areas - Sales Force Automation and Back Office Automation. It can be used to automate sales force and back office activities of various domains such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Telecom, etc. using cutting edge mobile technology supported by backend server with rule engines.

MToolKit platform comes with a set of distinct features that provides an intuitive and user-friendly way for managing field activities such as KYC, customer acquisition, fulfilment and pick-up activities. The platform has industry leading document capture functionality of up to 10 images supported by one of the most efficient image compression ratio (5:1). MToolKit allows management of multiple products with Dynamic forms feature. With intuitive dashboard widgets and reports, monitoring of back office (BO) and feet-on-street (FOS) personnel has never been this easy.

Key Features

Dynamic forms

Multiple document capture

GPS tracking

Customer consent

Maker checker model

Secure data Transfer

Offline case processing

Data purging and retention

Key Benefits

Ease of monitoring

Single user device locking

Efficient turnaround time

Secure data management

Efficient field personnel management and tracking

High volume transactions supported

Customer engagement and delight

Service redundancy and DR/BCP supported

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