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The mediation layer is a critical component of a competitive billing solution, which integrates network elements and data sources. BillCall mediation and its network architecture cover the entire billing mediation processes for different communication services like Voice, SMS and Data, with major focus on different processes of OSS, BSS and Network Management.

A single platform processes various billing models and service provisioning activities. The solution handles all the day-in and day-out requirements of a converged platform covering almost all the business segments and services management. The system accommodates a vast range of networks and all types of services like Voice, SMS, Roaming, etc.

The system collects EDR’s from different network elements and then decodes the encryption, normalizes, de-duplicates & validates the records, converts it into system format and then filters the junk data to send it to the integrated systems like the accounting system and reporting engine.

Key Features

CDRs & EDRs collection & archive

Decoding & encoding

Filtering & duplicate record detection

Aggregation & correlation

Error messaging and alerts

Support of multi-vendor switches, CDRs & EDRs

Key Benefits

Cost saving by deploying single mediation for different services

Easy and quick integration with any system for collection and distribution of EDR’s

Ensures data quality, redundancy, and security

Simplified configuration and automated workflow for faster launch of services

Easy integration with new technologies like LTE & IMS

Supports multiple solutions of revenue assurance, fraud management & standard billing/charging

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