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Deal management, also known as agreement management in some terms, is the management of rates for the customer as well as the vendor by an interconnect provider. Any special or out of the ordinary rates provided to the customer or received by the vendor is a deal.

A unique segment of VoIP wholesale telecommunication industries is doing business deals to increase the revenue by exchanging volume or time based destination rates. BillCall Deal Management enables the SMEs and large enterprises to create deals and obtain various reports based on the deal and its execution.

There are two major types of deals in interconnect business, namely:

  • Unilateral Deal
  • Bilateral Deal

Unilateral Deal The deal conducted only between customer and vendor for receiving traffic from the customer and terminating traffic to the vendor. Such deals have No Commitment, No Agreement, and No Threshold.

Bilateral Deal The deal is done from both sides, in which the traffic is received from a carrier and to the same carrier some traffic is terminated. There is a barter system sort of deal for the carrier with some revenue or cost involved. The carriers exchange destinations rates with fixed/flexible volume or time based deal between them.

Key Features

Defines different rates for different slabs with respect to volume or time

Bilateral business management with ratio balancing

Configures number of alerts with conditions/thresholds based on deal commitments

Emails/SMS for alert notifications

Performance report/measurements for the various deals defined in the system

Accumulation of different destination deals into a single deal

Key Benefits

Ease of deal monitoring & management with various partners

Opens new avenues for revenue generation through new partnerships

Modular approach, giving opt-as-you-go option

Step-pricing, volume commitments, and back-to-first minutes discounting for multiple products

Gives real-time profitability based on net rate

Manages multiple deals with key monitoring indicators

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