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BillCall Route Management is a scalable, fully automated Least Cost Routing system, using complex longest digit match algorithms to manage routing for your VoIP switch. Least Cost Routes are prioritized on profitability, and non-profitable routes are blocked automatically. It is also designed to minimize the amount of “hands on” time required to manage the routing and update your switch. This solution automatically imports carriers, codes and rates from your existing billing system, eliminating duplicate data entry errors.

Key Features

Code & destination based route generation

Supports percentage, top down and Round Robin types of routing orders

Advanced routing analysis tool

QBR formulas generation on the basis of ASR, ACD, NER, DPA, MPA, peak rate, &/or attempt

Margin assurance during route generation

Flat margin and percentage based margin configuration for routing

Key Benefits

Increased revenue with advanced routing features

Least-cost, priority based & deal based routing

Optimum use of codes to extract every possible revenue source

NPA-NXX routing support

Margin and margin matrix based routing

Individual routing plans for customers & destination groups

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