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May 04 2016, Written by - Dipak Patel

Don’t Get Burnt by Overflowing Content


It’s 6:30 p.m. on a Friday night at the city’s hottest new restaurant and business is brisk. Enjoying cocktails, nouveau cuisine and conversation in the dimly lit ambience, patrons enjoy an evening that’s relaxing and pleasant. However, it’s anything but calm behind the swinging doors to the kitchen. With waiters screaming orders and pots on the verge of boiling over, it seems like total chaos. Yet, by virtue of his experience and calm, it’s the kitchen manager that somehow makes the operation run smoothly, ensuring prompt service and sumptuous meals, night after night.

Enterprises, just like restaurants, require sound management to prevent their pots from boiling over too, albeit not with kitchen fare, but with increasing amounts of digital content. Managing this constant influx is a daily struggle that can cause employee stress, distract from companies’ core business and slow mission-critical functions. Today, the amount of data necessary to sustain an enterprise is skyrocketing, with over 80 percent existing in the form of documents, images and audio/video files. These factors have made it essential for businesses to explore efficient database applications and implement scalable content management solutions.

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market is evolving rapidly to address the abundance of information across various platforms, particularly over the Cloud. A company’s need to access and manage content from a growing number of diverse endpoint devices has lent urgency to identifying new solutions that expand the applicability and usability of their existing services.

Recognizing this growing need, Panamax has developed a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) solution that addresses all enterprise requirements for managing data. With an advanced Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that overcomes each administrative and technical hurdle along the way, enterprises can effortlessly manage multiple services and channels, and simplify sales management. The result: increased service uptake, usage and customer satisfaction.

Of course, there’s no way to slow down the rapid growth of digital content, and so it’s imperative for organizations to implement an effective CMS solution to ensure data works for them and not against them. Ignoring this need is a pot boiling over, a kitchen without a manager, a recipe for disaster.

For more information on our Enterprise Content Management Solutions, Feel free to get in touch with us at dipak.patel@panamaxil.com

Dipak Patel - Panamax

Dipak Patel

Dipak has been in telecommunication sector for more than 10 years now and currently serves as Sr. Presales Manager at Panamax. He has fulfilled a number of roles in various functions during his time including Support, Operations, Training & Presales and made his way up the ladder during the course of time.
Dipak is passionate about VoIP services and solutions, providing expert guidance to team members and customers/partners has always been his expertise. His addiction to the cutting edge technologies, together with the passion to deliver outstanding solutions is what drives him forward.
Apart from work, Dipak is a geek at heart and loves exploring new technology and gadgets.
You can reach out to Dipak at dipak.patel@panamaxil.com

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