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Jul 28 2016, Written by - Preety Paranjape

Introducing Mobile Money in Regions Where Majority is Unbanked!

Mobile money has become vernacular in developed places. However, there are still many places where smartphone penetration, internet access, ATM’s, etc. is a rarity. So why should people living in these regions be deprived of becoming a part of the financial ecosystem if they do not have a bank account?

Panamax’s MobiFin is one of the leading players in the mobile money sector that packs in the power of mobile wallets into the hands of people, whether they have a smartphone or not. Partnering with QCell, MobiFin powered a mobile wallet that every person across the Gambian state can use to carry out various transactions, transfer money, buy tickets and do much more: 

Preety Paranjape - Panamax

Preety Paranjape

Preety is a content developer and innovator at Panamax, with a decade of experience in business writing. A social media enthusiast with words at will, she works towards improving corporate communication across all channels of social media, and other online platforms. Preety is an avid reader and loves writing poems in her free time. 

You can get in touch with her at preety.paranjape@panamaxil.com

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