Selecting the Right Campaign Manager to Improve your Marketing ROI

Posted by Naishil Jha on / October 25, 2021
Selecting the Right Campaign Manager to Improve your Marketing ROI

As per a recent report, the Global Digital Marketing Solution Market is predicted to climb up to USD 150 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 16.9%, from USD 68.7 billion in 2021. Implementing a dedicated campaign management solution must be of the paramount priority for entrepreneurs and established businesses aiming to execute successful marketing campaigns. An efficient Campaign Management Solution is essential for handling many multistage campaigns and automating customized campaigns helping businesses to segment, distribute, and track all digital campaigns.

Any promotional activity is more effective with a targeted approach towards influencing the customers on the platforms/channels where they're more active. As a result, it's critical to keep a track of the campaign engagement rate and its reach across several platforms. Campaign management solution aligns marketing strategy and controls operations across multiple channels to maximize campaign ROI.

Why Your Business Needs Campaign Management Solution?

The progress of a marketing campaign must be tracked and modified regularly to achieve the desired outcome. An effective campaign management solution helps to keep things on track throughout the lifecycle of a campaign.

Campaign management is a time-consuming process and there is no uniform template for campaign duration or size. A campaign might be launched to target a specific region or a city on a special occasion or for a particular event. Also, there might be a possibility where a campaign may go on for years.

A Campaign management solution allows businesses to create customized campaigns, monitor performance, analyze the impact of various channels, and streamline reports and analytics to the micro-level. It integrates numerous channels and customer data streams to help marketers to schedule the campaign and promote advertisements.

The user-friendly interface of a campaign management solution enables businesses to view critical data and determines significant outcomes for their marketing campaigns. Customization and personalization are the key reasons why industries are increasingly flocking to set up a campaign management solution. A personalized campaign has the ability to enhance the consumer experience and improve the conversion rates.

Key features to look for in a Campaign Management Solution:

Easy to Adapt

The solution should be simple to understand, utilize, and train employees on. Even if everyone isn't at the same location, the campaign management solution should make it easy to collaborate. Here are certain features to look for:

  • Role-based Access: Access is granted based on a user's role. Access to features, functionalities, and sensitive data can be granted or restricted to individual users.
  • Workflow:  As every task is allocated and approved by the appropriate individual, it promotes collaboration and minimizes the chance of error.
  • Access rules for templates:  For ensuring that staff members exclusively manage the campaign resources and marketing content that has been assigned to them.

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Customers seek omnichannel experience and marketing campaigns must deliver it across multiple channels. However, this does not imply that customer wants to see the same message or information on every channel. Marketers require a campaign management solution that enables them to manage and categorize communication across multiple platforms. Reaching the customers through the right marketing channel is not enough, the message should communicate with them in a way that resonates.

Campaign Optimization

With the use of segmentation engine and predictive analytics feature of campaign management solution, businesses can increase open and click-through rates. Marketing campaigns are optimized through testing. A/B testing is the basic method used to determine customer preferences and interests. Multivariate testing is more complicated, but it can offer personalization for customers. In addition to testing, machine learning optimizes the campaign by analyzing customer data to tailor each message for a varied audience.

Lead Management

Campaign management solution helps organizations to assess leads and identify if the user is willing to make an immediate purchase or is researching for a future need. Effective campaign management solution conducts the groundwork to determine which leads are most likely to make the purchase and helps to customize marketing messages accordingly. Customer data is stored in lead profiles and displayed on the analytics dashboard. It enables the marketing team to track lead sources and concentrate on the most promising leads.

Effective Data Management and Security

Campaign management solution gathers customer data and stores it securely. With the use of real-time customer data, marketers can effectively manage customer segmentation and target customers with personalized marketing. Customer privacy and data security are equally important. Therefore, the campaign management solution should hide the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) fields.

Seamless Analytics

It is critical to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Campaign analytics monitors the performance of a marketing campaign across multiple channels, as well as reveals how the prospects are reacting to the campaign. Campaign management solution will do the task. It allows tracking user engagement through interactive and visual dashboards. For any marketing campaign, marketers require comprehensive analytics and reports highlighting new marketing prospects, client segmentation, and data integration. Before going on to the next activity, managers can evaluate the data and make key marketing decisions.

Accelerate Business with an Ideal Campaign Management Solution

Several campaign management solutions are available in the market but choosing the perfect one is critical for any business. There are several factors to evaluate when selecting a campaign management solution. Ensure that the solution you select is appropriate for the size of your business, easy to implement and integrate.

Campaign management solution by Panamax allows enterprises, telecom operators, banks, and financial institutions, among others, to broaden the development and implementation of digital financial services and to improve the customer life cycle value. Our digital campaign management solution offers campaign design flexibility, allowing businesses to personalize campaigns according to their specific priorities and targets.

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