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Panamax Helps a Fintech Firm Offer Advanced Payment Services

A leading fintech company in West Africa chose our flagship digital financial platform MobiFin to offer international remittance and other advanced payment services to its clients and subscribers. The company’s[...]

Panamax Offers MobiFin to a Mobile Wallet Service Provider

Panamax deployed its flagship digital financial solution MobiFin for a West African mobile wallet service provider to help the company expand its business. Our solutions helped the service provider offer[...]

Panamax Deploys Agency Banking Solution for a West African Bank

A West African commercial bank partnered with Panamax to create a customized distribution structure using the MobiFin Agency Banking solution. It wishes to bring banking services to the remote corners[...]

Panamax Helps Accelerate Financial Inclusion in Mexico

Panamax deployed its comprehensive mobile financial solution MobiFin to help a Mexican fintech company drive financial inclusion in the country. An end-to-end e-wallet ecosystem was developed using MobiFin to roll[...]

Panamax Automates Taxing Processes for a West African Regulatory Authority

Panamax Inc. partnered with a multi-sector regulatory authority of a West African country to deploy solutions for monitoring telecom traffic, revenue verification and collecting taxes. Panamax offered a range of[...]

Panamax drives digital payments in UAE

Panamax Inc. partnered with a fintech company to build a mobile wallet that could create a digital ecosystem and drive customer value. Panamax Inc. contributed towards building a secure, scalable,[...]

iMax Empowers West African Operator with Real-time Credit Control & Management

A West African operator collaborated with Panamax to boost its business through the streamlined and systematic prepaid credit control management that interacted with its existing Session Border Controller (SBC) in[...]

Panamax collaborates with a money transfer platform provider to empower West Africa

A West African start-up partnered with Panamax in order to achieve a secured, robust, scalable and flexible technology platform to roll-out mobile money services in the country. Panamax's Mobile Financial[...]

iMax and Bridge2Call set the ball rolling for an ILD carrier

Panamax’s flagship products iMax and Bridge2Call helped a Central American carrier take its first steps into the telecom sector. We helped the company design, build and deliver the complete solution.

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