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The ever changing market dynamics have increased complexities for International Long Distance service providers. As the competition is intensifying, ILD's need to improve their competitive positioning through reducing cost at the same time offer Volume or Revenue based deals to drive top & bottom lines. The need of the hour is a network that can deliver an array of services-existing and emerging-without the need for a major overhaul each time there is an innovation.

Panamax Inc. has advance Interconnect solutions, offering comprehensive solution with Partner Settlement, Wholesale Billing, Rating & Charging, Dynamic Routing with code based, Converged Mediation, Deal & Dispute Management , CRM and Forecasting .

We also have versatile VoIP Switching solutions enabling ILD and carriers to offer a secured and reliable VoIP solution. Bridge2Call provides scalable Class 5 VoIP features and functionality for implementations in mixed VoIP/PSTN and pure VoIP telecom infrastructure.

iMax offers both traditional and next generation Class 4 services platform with innovative Integrated Prepaid switch, benefitting ILDs for automating back office and account management process for prepaid account management with state-of- the-art payment processing allowing customer to pay through cards or interbank transfers using merchant account or Automated Clearing House.

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