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Panamax Payment Fraud management is a score based engine which cumulates the fraud score defined for a merchant and triggers relevant actions when it surpasses threshold. Fraud rules can be configured dynamically by selecting various fraud attributes. The FMS can also be easily integrated to any new wallet/payment gateway system issued by a bank. The engine has over 72 inbuilt fraud checks (that can be enabled as per requirements) and has extensive reporting capabilities.

Key Features

Real time transaction score engine

Over all transaction status (white/grey/black)

Management portal

Threshold configuration

Scheduler to pull merchant data from payment systems

Designed for PCI compliance

Key Benefits

Seamless integration

Ready to launch

Multi-channel support

Negative data bases such as IP / BIN / eMail are updated periodically

Supports single tenant / multi-tenant deployment

Supports card, wallet, POS transactions

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