Chicago / May 25, 2018

Panamax Back from ITW 2018


Panamax was at
the International Telecoms Week Chicago. The entire wholesale community
gathered for the event and the windy city resonated business. 6743 attendees
including industry peers like Speedflow Communications, Nextwave and Voxvalley
Technologies were there to network and bag big business opportunities.

Panamax team was
stationed at booth 1130, thronged by visitors as the product demos set rolling.
ITW 2018 for Panamax was predominantly about Mobile financial solution “MobiFin” – that allows Telcos to rollout mobile
wallet, Microcredit and enterprise mobile money solutions. Carriers who visited
our booth showed a lot of interest in Class 4 and Class 5 switching solutions and
we gave non-stop demos for our products iMax and Bridge2Call.

ITW is a global
wholesale meeting that proposes great opportunities for the telecoms industry,
to gather network and do business.