/ October 11, 2021

Panamax Recognized as The “Most Successful Fintech Company of the Year 2021”


New York, 11, October 2021: Panamax is honored to announce that it has been recognized as the Most Successful Fintech Company of the Year 2021by the CIO TIMES magazine. The magazine recognizes Panamax’s efforts as a fintech solutions pioneer for creating an equal opportune environment to provide end-to-end innovative scalable solutions.

Companies considered for the recognition go through strict scrutiny by a panel of experts that include industry veterans and subject matter experts, CMOs, CEOs, analysts, and the CIO Insider editorial team.

Panamax’s MobiFin Elite provides a state-of-the-art stable financial ecosystem to Financial Institutions and Banks.  The platform has a robust Cloud-enabled Multitenant System offering scalability, customizability, and flexibility. The platform uses a 256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Kafka-based messaging bus architecture, and adaptive API-first Design, making it one of the ingenious fraud-proof applications in the market.

Bankim Brahmbhatt, President and CEO of Panamax Inc acknowledged the achievement and said, “Panamax is grateful to CIO TIMES for recognizing our efforts in the times where we are constantly reflecting on our actions and contributions to the Fintech industry.  While most of the times achievements seem effortless, the kind of dedication and precision needed to deliver customized solutions find their purpose in such acknowledgments. This recognition leaves us humbled and inspired to keep our promise of creating solutions to build on the existing technologies while bridging the gaps in fintech to achieve a seamless digital financial ecosystem.”


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About Panamax

Panamax, the technology arm of Bankai Group, is a global leader in providing telecom and digital financial solutions. MobiFin Elite, the Digital Financial Solution by Panamax, is one of its flagship fintech products. The platform benefits banks, financial institutions, MNOs, MVNOs, mobile wallet operators, and aggregators in creating their customized digital ecosystem. It offers scalability and ease of operation by fusing mobile banking, agency banking, wallet, top-up and bill payments solutions into a comprehensive user-friendly interface. Panamax’s telecom offerings include market-proven Billing, Switching, Provisioning, Transaction, and Service management solutions, assisting millions of users over networks spread across the globe.