/ October 4, 2021

Panamax Will be at the 6th Africa Bank 4.0 Summit- North Africa


New York, 04, October 2021- Panamax announces its presence at one of the most renowned and prolific events of Africa- the 6th Africa Bank 4.0 Summit- North Africa. We are looking forward to participating with full zeal and try our best to utilize our expertise in enhancing the coverage of access to finance across the region. The event, which will focus on the banking needs of North Africa, will be held virtually on October 26 and 27, 2021, allowing us to participate from anywhere in the world. In order to accelerate financial inclusion in the region the event will focus on Empowering NEO in Banking Innovation.

The 6th Africa Bank 4.0 Summit will bring together the top players of North Africa’s Fintech sector to discuss solutions around refining the region’s digital financial services roadmap. This is a great opportunity for Panamax to share its expertise and solutions as well as learn from its peers about how to enhance their digital banking service strategies to provide a superior experience to the users.

Panamax is a global pioneer in providing comprehensive digital banking and financial solutions. The company’s Digital Financial Solutions (DFS) and Banking Suite products provide a comprehensive digital banking experience with unique features and end-to-end solutions that improve operational efficiency. Agency Banking, Omnichannel Banking, Core Banking System, Mobile and Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, and National Payment Switch are some of the company’s cutting-edge solutions. Its cutting-edge products and services are tailored to ensure smooth interaction with its potential clients’ existing ecosystems.

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About Panamax

Panamax, the technology arm of Bankai Group, is a global leader in providing telecom and digital financial solutions. MobiFin Elite, the Digital Financial Solution by Panamax, is amongst its flagship fintech products. It offers scalability and ease of operation by fusing mobile banking, agency banking, wallet, top-up and bill payments solutions into one common interface. Banking Suite by Panamax provides a holistic digital banking experience with innovative features that deliver operational efficiencies. Through Panamax’s banking suite, banks and financial institutions can offer contemporary banking services to their customers and facilitate online banking as well as decrease infrastructural expenses.