Kew Gardens, NY / July 28, 2015

Bankai Group Partners with a Leading Service Provider in Indonesia


Unique Combination of Bankai’s Wholesale Voice Traffic and Hosted Technology Offerings Will Enhance the Indonesian Service Provider’s Revenues and Improve Its Bottom Line

Kew Gardens, NY – July 28, 2015Bankai Group today announces the beginning of a strategic partnership with a leading telecom service provider in Indonesia. As part of the multifaceted agreement, Bankai Group will provide a unique combination of wholesale voice traffic with interconnect billing solutions on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)/hosted model to the Indonesian telecom service provider.

The partnership is aimed at increasing revenues and improving margins for the the service provider by increasing direct inbound international traffic with committed minutes and profits. This cooperative deal will empower Indonesia with quality calls at cost-effective rates. This alliance also aims to improve operational aspects by streamlining interconnect billing operations by deploying BillCall, a billing solutions product from Bankai Group’s subsidiary, Panamax.

BillCall, with a comprehensive array of innovative features and functionalities (such as carrier account management, rate management, cost and price management, deal center, dynamic/advanced routing, dispute management, self-care portal, and much more), will provide agility in managing day-to-day business.The partnership is mutually beneficial, helping to ensure improved revenue for the service provider, while enabling Bankai Group to secure a strong foothold in the emerging markets.

“We’re very excited to commence our partnership with one of Indonesia’s leading telecom service providers,” says Bankim Brahmbhatt, President and CEO of Bankai Group. “This alliance will enable us to extend the reach of our services throughout the emerging market of Indonesia, providing solutions that enable local organizations to enhance their efficiency while creating the opportunity for increased service provider revenue.”

Bankai Group has emerged as a leader amongst global voice carriers and technology solution providers, establishing sustainable relationships with leading telcos, Tier 2 carriers, retail voice service providers and global financial institutions. Comprised of several business units globally, Bankai Group performs in a number of vertical markets, providing carrier voice services as well as telecom and technology Value-Added Services (VAS).