Senegal / December 17, 2018

Panamax’s Soft Switch ‘iMax’ Facilitates Real-time Credit Control & Management for Sonatel


Sonatel, part of the Orange Group, is recognized as one of the reputed operators in Senegal offering global telecommunication solutions for mobile, fixed line, television, internet service and mobile money. The company was in search of an all-inclusive real-time prepaid credit control and management system that could easily integrate into the existing network infrastructure of Sonatel.

Panamax’s NSS product ‘iMax’ empowered Sontel’s telecom business with prepaid account management capabilities to handle the credit balance of carriers, generate periodic invoices and notify of the credits through SMS and email. iMax, which is a Class IV soft switch, helped in managing Sonatel’s vast wholesale business with its prepaid credit management, enhanced packet processing and high load handling capabilities.

iMax was configured in a way to make it compatible with the existing Session Border Controller of Sonatel. Our product was very well integrated and functional in the existing network infrastructure of Sonatel. Panamax ensured easy and fast implementation of prepaid account management module in Sonatel’s network with minimum operations, hardware and support cost. To get more details on Panamax’s solution for Sonatel’s business, download our case study.