India / July 13, 2017

Panamax’s Inception Day Celebrated with Fervor and Fanfare


Studies have revealed that fun at workplace creates a happy environment for employees. They feel more satisfied and deliver better at their jobs. Keeping this in mind, we decided to dedicate a day that allows all Panamaxers to share a common platform, interact, and have fun. 

12th July 2001 marks the Inception of Panamax Inc. So, what is a better occasion than this, to celebrate, to get together and to have fun? Over these years Panamax has grown, diversified and charted a success path. On its inception day this year, all of us cherished the hard-earned success and celebrated our corporate anniversary.

The event was filled with happiness, laughter, and joy as Panamaxers competed with colleagues to win at various games that needed the participants to display qualities like, balance, patience, communication, and persistence.

The activities started – participants were divided into various groups. Props like kettle, flowers, and lipstick… were listed out and provided to each team. The teams chipped in creative selfies at the earliest. Next, it was time to balance coins on the rim of a glass. The players displayed immense concentration as they balanced coins on a thin rim. The next task was to communicate the exact composition of various geometrical shapes placed strategically to form an object, to a partner. The partner, on the other hand, had to replicate the exact shape as described. The battle intensified as our Titans played the “thermocol and straw” game. The next was about lung power as players blew balloons till they burst. The sound of bursting balloons and cheers boomed across the floor.

The atmosphere was eclectic and vibrant. Laughter spread like rapid fire and we celebrated Panamax’s inception day with great gusto, fervor and fanfare.


Checkout Our Celebration Video