Kew Gardens, NY / August 19, 2015

Panamax Inc. Introduces the iMax Carrier Self-Care Portal


Latest Enhancement to the Award-Winning iMax Solution Enables Optimized Management of Prepaid VoIP Services for Carrier Customers

Kew Gardens, NY – August 19, 2015Panamax Inc., a leading telecom technology company, announces today the release of the Carrier Self-Care Portal, a new feature of its integrated carrier switching platform for wholesale carriers, iMax. Panamax’s Carrier Self-Care Portal is designed to help carriers optimize business processes by managing their entire prepaid wholesale VoIP business through one easy-to-use portal, complete with optimized solutions for online ordering and payment transfer, credit transactions, reporting, marketing, and more.

Panamax’s Carrier Self-Care Portal optimizes overall profitability, competitiveness, and responsiveness for prepaid wholesale voice terminators, voice carriers, enterprise VoIP providers, and mobile operators utilizing the iMax platform. This unique feature provides users with the ability to sign up for free – without credit or document verification; view prepaid balances in real time; monitor credit; purchase, integrate and leverage services immediately; chat with online sales and support teams; and much more, all via one streamlined interface. Through the use of the iMax Carrier Self-Care Portal, carrier customers have hassle-free access to a simplified yet comprehensive dashboard providing account summaries, payment information, rates, and reports.

“We are very excited to launch this new addition to the iMax platform, a unique product differentiator that serves as a valuable asset to our carrier customers,” says Bankim Brahmbhatt, CEO of Panamax. “An extension of our award-winning carrier switching solution, the iMax Carrier Self-Care Portal sets Panamax apart from other providers, while generating a significant edge for carriers operating within today’s dynamic marketplace. With immediate access to our portal, users will start terminating their wholesale minutes instantly, putting them ahead of their competition when it comes to cost savings, revenue growth and business efficiencies.”

iMax is a groundbreaking prepaid switching platform that enables carriers on the Panamax system to easily buy and sell routes with one another. The solution offers real-time integration of Class-4 Softswitch capabilities with call routing, network management, policy management, billing, monitoring, intelligent firewall, SIP and H.323 handling functionalities. It is capable of handling multilateral peering of thousands of calls among various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers. With innovative switching, fast routing and integrated business policy management features, iMax enables carriers to reduce both CapEx and OpEx through optimized switching capacity and minimized operations and support costs.