Kew Gardens, NY / June 14, 2018

Panamax Launches Lending Platform “E-Lend”


New York, June 14, 2018 ( – Panamax recently launched “e-lend”, an end-to-end loan lifecycle management for banks, credit unions, large financial companies, telcos and leasing companies.

The “e-lend” platform is designed for big data processing, predictive/behavioral analysis and to make informed decisions based on cost and risk analysis. Digital lenders face the risk of a limited working capital, bad credit decisions due to inaccurate risk assessment, piled up non-performing loans, compliance pressures and lack of enterprise level IT expertise. The “e-lend” platform will resolve all these problems and make lending easy.

Banks, large financial companies and telcos are the best placed to provide microcredit solutions to customers/subscribers. “e-lend” offers them 6 key advantages – namely informed decisions,  operational efficiency, easy deployment, quick IT support, affordable investment and hence increased profit.

With “e-lend” platform, lending becomes stress free and risk free. If small entrepreneurs, farmers and women are able to get a small loan quickly and easily, this will also add a new and consistent revenue stream for the lender. Not to forget, financial inclusion, encouragement for small businesses and a boost to women entrepreneurship.

Talking about this lending platform, Manoj Jain, COO Panamax Inc, said “The platform has garnered a lot of interest and looks promising.  It is a fully managed solution with easy installation, regular upgrades and 24/7 IT and CS support from Panamax. This is exactly what the industry needs at this moment.”

Manoj further added, “Building a technology that fortifies your business against disruption and helps it grow, is what every organization needs. We constantly invest our resources in business technology based on automation and convergence to fulfill these requirements.”

Panamax invests in innovation and helps its clients from the telecom and finance/banking industry to stay ahead of the curve. The “e-lend” platform is a step in this direction.

Panamax Inc. is successfully scaling the international markets and helping telcos, carriers, MNOs & MVNOs to do business with advanced technologies. Panamax develops innovative technology solutions for banks and telcos. The robust product suite includes mobile finance solutions like MobiFin, e-lend, and MToolKit. The Product suite also includes billing solution BillCall, and class 4/5 switching solutions iMax and Bridge2Call. For more info visit:

(This PR was first published on Newswire)