/ March 3, 2021

Panamax Launches the Spanish Language Website


New York, 03 March 2021– Panamax is excited to announce the launch of the Spanish version of its website. As a leader in providing telecom and digital financial solutions worldwide, this is another step by Panamax towards engaging with the customers from different parts of the world. The Spanish version of Panamax’s website akin to its English version provides all the essential information about the company and explains its fintech and telecom services.

The aim of the Spanish version of the website is to ensure that the growing customer base in the Spanish-speaking countries can effectively communicate and understand the offerings. We understand that a language barrier can be one of the leading factors for an inability to engage with a customer base. This step also is expected to help the company in developing trust amongst the Spanish-speaking customers and further solidify its relations with them.

Panamax is a global leader in providing technology solutions to fintech service providers, telecom operators, governments and more. It has a robust set of products across Digital Financial Solutions (DFS), Revenue Management, Network Switching Solutions, Customer Value Management (CVM) and Monitoring Solutions. The company is looking forward to bridging the language barrier gap with Spanish speaking countries and strengthen its relations with the Spanish-speaking partners and customers.

Explore the Website here – www.panamaxil.com/es

About Panamax

Panamax, the technology arm of Bankai Group, is a global leader in providing telecom and digital financial solutions. MobiFin Elite, the Digital Financial Solution by Panamax, is amongst its flagship fintech products. The platform benefits MNOs, MVNOs, mobile wallet operators, banks, financial institutions, and aggregators in creating their own customized digital ecosystem. It offers scalability and ease of operation by fusing mobile banking, agency banking, wallet, top-up and bill payments solutions into a comprehensive user-friendly interface. Panamax’s telecom offerings include market-proven Billing, Switching, Provisioning, Transaction and Service management solutions, assisting millions of users over networks spread across the globe.