/ May 12, 2021

Panamax to Exhibit at the IT Now Live 2021 as a Gold Sponsor


New York, 12, May 2021– Panamax is excited to announce that it will be participating in the IT Now Live 2021 event as a Gold Sponsor. The event is set to be held on 18th-30th May 2021. The event is aimed at bringing together the leaders of the IT sector. The virtual event will allow the participants to interact through conferences, virtual stands, and networking rooms.

With the year 2020, the world has entered the decade of acceleration. It has pushed many companies to rethink strategies, rethink work schemes and innovate business models. And the IT industry is a catalyst that is enabling cultural change in companies to understand new opportunities and guarantee business operation.

Panamax’s LATAM team is looking forward to interacting with the industry leaders about the upcoming innovations in the IT sector. Panamax is a global leader in developing fintech and telecom solutions and is excited to present its flagship digital financial solution – MobiFin Elite. Panamax leverages the latest technologies to help banks, financial service providers, telecom operators, MNOs and MVNOs, telecom regulatory authorities and enterprises to deliver financial services to their end customers. Several top financial brands from across the world have trusted Panamax to develop their own customised digital ecosystem.

 About IT Now

IT NOW is one of the most significant business and technology communities in Central America and the Caribbean. It is a multiplatform space and a hub that brings businesses together. The IT NOW community is made up of several elements that include- its website with relevant IT news in the region, a weekly newsletter, its multiplatform social networks, finally, its events focused on IT verticals and where the acclaimed one stands out. Tech Day, the most important technology update tour in the region.

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About Panamax

Panamax, the technology arm of Bankai Group, is a global leader in offering telecom and digital financial solutions. MobiFin Elite, the Digital Financial Solution by Panamax, is one of its flagship fintech products. The platform benefits MNOs, MVNOs, mobile wallet operators, banks, financial institutions, and aggregators in creating their own customized digital ecosystem. It offers scalability and ease of operation by fusing mobile banking, agency banking, wallet, top-up and bill payments solutions into a comprehensive user-friendly interface. Panamax’s telecom offerings comprise of market-proven Billing, Switching, Provisioning, Transaction and Service management solutions, assisting millions of users over networks spread across the globe.