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Kew Gardens, NY Feb 18 2016

Panamax Reveals New Routing Feature on Its Revolutionary iMax

Call Routing Feature Eliminates Wholesale Voice Business Barriers to Entry for Small Enterprise


Kew Gardens, NY – February 18, 2016 – Panamax Inc., a leading telecom technology company, today announces a new routing feature enhancement to its wholesale carrier platform, iMax.  Featuring high-volume inbound call-handling capacity, managing up to 10,000 SIP sessions and 100 concurrent calls at any given time, and requiring relatively low capital and operating (CapEx and OpEx) expenditure, the new feature enables iMax to break down barriers to wholesale VoIP market entry for mid-sized carriers.  iMax offers telecommunications providers as well as Tier 2 and 3 carriers around the globe a prepaid switching solution that integrates a Class-4 softswitch, network and policy management, intelligent routing and real-time billing capabilities into a powerful one-box platform.

iMax’s latest advanced call routing enhancement can be combined with the iMax platform’s key centralized operations management features and applications, including integrated prepaid billing; built-in firewalls for Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention; multi-user architecture and role-based access; real-time credit balance management and traffic disconnect on low balance; a user-friendly UI for ease of management and ongoing operations; real-time alerts and notifications to avoid bill shock; and Call Detail Records (CDR) specifying Quality of Service (QoS), Network Efficiency Ratio (NER), traffic, P&L, engineering, and more.

“Instead of time and cost-intensive network investments, today’s forward-thinking carriers and telcos leverage iMax’s wholesale Class-4 softswitch for quick deployment of their VoIP business and faster time-to-market without the need to purchase additional IT infrastructure,” states Bankim Brahmbhatt, Chief Executive Officer, Panamax.  “iMax converges every aspect of wholesale VoIP management into a reliable, easy to use one-box switching solution, making it simple for wireless operators to not only enter, but also thrive in today’s wholesale VoIP market.”

Integrating virtualized Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Call Session Controllers (CSCs), Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCSs), Database (Admin DB), and carrier self-care and prepaid web portals, the iMax platform is also capable of authentication, call admission control, generating call session information, ensuring protocol translation and normalization, digit manipulation, capacity and resource planning, and more.

Panamax is a telecom and mobile financial technology company that is enabling service providers to grow by leveraging effective service delivery practices in telecom and finance operations across global networks. The Company’s innovative solutions enhance the performance of heterogeneous network connections, improve the efficiency of carriers and expand the capacity of congested networks.  For more information about Panamax, visit www.panamaxil.com.

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