Is Fraud in Interconnect Business Eating into your Profits?

Posted by Tapan Raval on / September 30, 2016
Is Fraud in Interconnect Business Eating into your Profits?

Interconnect business is running since early 2000 when the calls started getting terminated through the Internet. This new technology attracted the entrepreneurs to start their own interconnect hubbing business with some investment and earn good returns. 

As any business grows, the risk of frauds also grows, and the interconnect business is no different to this phenomenon. Last year interconnect voice termination business lost almost 5 billion USD to fraud. Majority carriers today, admit that fraud management has become their priority concern.

Interconnect fraud has a deep-rooted impact on carriers and causes direct/indirect revenue loss, adversely affects business partnerships, leads to customer dissatisfaction, gives carriers a bad reputation, increases new partner credit risk & Enterprise usage credit risk. Besides it also has regulatory impacts, causes overbilling, false disputes, high priced destination calling, blending high-quality routes, Looping fraud, CLI spoofing/Refiling fraud, Arbitrage fraud etc., and all this impedes the growth of your business and that of your partners.

Major hurdles in the fight against telecom interconnect business frauds are, huge transaction volume, lack of good regulation policy and regulator, cross-border jurisdiction and complex partner value chain.

Here are some reasons that lead to increased interconnect fraud: Based on a survey:

1. Growth of VOIP services

2. Number of new partners joining industry

3. No availability or poor availability for new partner credit check in some areas

How BillCall can help you to fight against interconnect fraud and increase revenue/margin. Here are some features that help identify different types of fraud.

Artificial inflation of traffic

Long firm fraud

New carriers - credit risk

False answer Supervision fraud

False Answer

Early Answer

Late disconnect

Bypass fraud

Overbilling/False disputes

Blending high-quality routes

Call looping

Call spoofing

Internal fraud




BillCall has the capacity to detect the fraud activity based on rules, suspicious activity notification, FAS alarm, unauthorized traffic capturing and notification, live streaming and traffic pattern monitoring, reconnection /reactivation, call hijacking, arbitrage fraud, and refiling.

Tapan Raval

Tapan Raval

Tapan currently works as a Pre-Sales Manager for MEA. His work focuses on Telecom and Interconnect Business (Voice, SMS) around Switching (Class 4/5), Billing, Rating & Routing, Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance & Mobile Finance Services (TUB, Wallet Agency Banking Etc.) Tapan has been working with Panamax for the past 7 years on various projects and portfolios. In his free time, Tapan loves to listen to Music, watch movies, & pursue his passion for cooking. You can reach Tapan at: