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iMax is a class 4 soft switch with call routing, network management, policy management, billing, monitoring, intelligent firewall, SIP and H.323 handling functionalities. The switch helps beat the complexities of carrier business with multilateral peering of thousands of calls among various Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 carriers. iMax aids optimization for a hassle free prepaid/post-paid VoIP business through carrier web self-care portal and enables both small & large carriers on the system to easily buy & sell routes from each other. iMax’s integrated platform helps reduce CapEx & OpEx with optimal switching capacity and minimal operations & support costs.

Why Choose iMax?


Fully Scalable architecture


Third party API support for resource & route control

End-to-end Security over both Public & Private Networks


Open Standards-based, Interoperable with Support for H.323 and SIP

All-inclusive solution with robust switching, routing & billing capabilities

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