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Panamax HCE is a contactless payment solution with its unique HCE SDK. This is an NFC-based solution and supports PA-DSS standards. It allows the advantage of seamless integration, wherein all payment card types with end-to-end tokenised pure HCE solution are supported. The payment solution can also be integrated with existing wallet systems and interfaced with Bank systems through RESTFUL APIs. The solution extends a multichannel support and adheres to global compliance standards. It is ready for ready pilot implementation and then launch at banks.

MobiFin - Host Card Emulation

Key Features

Supports Online and Offline POS transactions

Enables all card types - from branded / co-branded / private label/ debit

Uses alternate PAN instead of original PAN card

Can be hosted in AWS / private cloud / third party processor data centres

PA DSS compliant

Complies to VISA/MC and EMVCO specifications


Key Benefits

Easy to integrate with existing wallet systems

Easy to interface with bank systems through RESTFUL APIs

Omni-channel, works seamlessly across all channels

Can be used at NFC Stores, non NFC Stores, E-Commerce sites

Multiple card management

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