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Panamax HCE is a contactless payment solution with its unique HCE SDK. This is an NFC-based solution and supports PA-DSS standards. It allows the advantage of seamless integration, wherein all payment card types with end-to-end tokenised pure HCE solution are supported. The payment solution can also be integrated with existing wallet systems and interfaced with Bank systems through RESTFUL APIs. The solution extends a multichannel support and adheres to global compliance standards. It is ready for ready pilot implementation and then launch at banks.

Key Features

Supports Online and Offline POS transactions

Enables all card types - from branded / co-branded / private label/ debit

Uses alternate PAN instead of original PAN card

Can be hosted in AWS / private cloud / third party processor data centres

PA DSS compliant

Complies to VISA/MC and EMVCO specifications

Key Benefits

Easy to integrate with existing wallet systems

Easy to interface with bank systems through RESTFUL APIs

Omni-channel, works seamlessly across all channels

Can be used at NFC Stores, non NFC Stores, E-Commerce sites

Multiple card management

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