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A media gateway is a translation device or service that converts media streams between disparate telecommunications technologies such as SS7, Next Generation Networks or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems. Media gateways enable multimedia communications across packet networks using transport protocols such as Internet Protocol (IP).

Key Features

Real-time credit authorization for termination of calls

Automatic distribution of call traffic between servers, based on the workload

Transmits the media relay to the interconnected carriers

Hiding core network topology from access and/or peer network

Rate authorization for the dialled destination

Vendor SIP probing to check gateway uptime

Key Benefits

Automatically blocks vendor gateway based on non-availability

Multiple SIP profiles benefit in handling multiple scenarios of network

Multi-protocol environment support

Recover calls on the fly to standby CSC in case of active CSC server failure

Fast switching between vendor and gateways

Low cost of deployment compared to TDM networks

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