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A session border controller (SBC) is a device regularly deployed in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks to exert control over the signalling and media streams involved in setting up, conducting, and tearing down telephone calls or other interactive media communications.

Key Features

Built-in intelligent VoIP firewall

Alteration of inbound calls’ ANI & DNIS

SIP & H323 two-way conversion

Calls Per Second (CPS) & concurrent calls management

SIP Message Manipulation facilitates the continuity of working for legacy voice applications

Call Admission Control per trunk to prevent over-loading and subsequent crashing of switch

Key Benefits

VOIP DoS attack prevention

Interoperability with all types of SIP-based voice switches and gateways

Single instance of SBC serves multiple customers

Easy cluster management & load balancing for distributed configuration

Authenticity of call traffic from carriers & products

Increased revenue with acceptance of potential junk traffic through digit manipulation feature

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