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Transcoding is the process of converting media stream from one codec to another. Usually, it is required when a client doesn’t support the provider's codec. Real-time conversion of VoIP traffic is provided with a special algorithm, which allows stream conversion without any decrease in the connection quality. The protocol & codec converter algorithm completes the real-time transition of VoIP traffic on any to any basis, irrespective of the codecs. The transcoding function expands soft switch performance capabilities and provides flexibility when working with all directions and suppliers.

Key Features

Pass-through transcoding

Free and busy channels information

Communication with multiple CSCs

Provides free channels to CSC for transcoding call

Interworking between narrow and wide band

Working and not-working statistics of boards, DSPs, and channels displayed

Key Benefits

Availability of all common codecs ( G729, G711, GSM etc.)

Narrow band support

Regulatory compliance: US, Canada, EU; thus making sure business isn’t affected

Low OPEX due to less bandwidth utilization

Crystal clear voice after transcoding

Wide band support

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