Fraud Management

Fraud Management Solution is a comprehensive fraud detection and mitigation solution, including advanced analytics. The solution incorporates both Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to safeguard the networks.It combines usage records, information from the signaling networks, subscriber and dealer profiles, and looks across interconnect, roaming, prepaid and postpaid scenarios to detect abnormal usage, trends, behaviors, anomalies and patterns. Network-specific predictive models, generated by machine learning are used to proactively detect and protect businesses from wholesale and retail fraud.Our Fraud Management Solution is ideal for Operators, Carriers, and Regulators across the globe, looking to protect their revenues and to ensure a premium customer experience.

  • Easy-to-define triggers & fraud alarms
  • Immediate block action on suspecting fraud
  • Credit control
  • Identification of uncommon traffic patterns
  • Complex fraud scenario handling
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Why Choose
Fraud Management?

High-quality routes blending identification
Integrated provisioning system interface
Flexibility to create and apply rules
Addresses changing dynamics of frauds
Advanced fraud management techniques for data processing
Core Modules
CDR Profiling
CDR Profiling
Signalling Profiling
Signalling Profiling
Location Services
Location Services