Telecom Traffic Monitoring & Revenue Verification System

Regulators across the world face issues when handling multiple operators through several bulky technologies. Challenges include lack of transparency with the operators, less visibility, complexities of the process and liaising with multiple vendors. Most telecom regulators have a pre-defined set of KPIs and thresholds, sample data checks and periodic drive test as QoS guideline for the CSPs.

Panamax’s Telecom Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS) and Telecom Revenue Verification System (TRVS) helps regulators worldwide with regulatory implementation, policy making and tax implications. The solution conducts dispute management, fraud management, Test Call Generation (TCG) along with detailed reporting and analytics. Our solution assists with:

  • Real-time Monitoring and Smart KPIs
  • CDR Generation
  • Adaptability to SS7, SIP, Sigtran and VoIP Networks
  • Capturing Signalling Information and Extracting Call Details
  • Invoicing Licensed Operators
  • Monitoring the status of Interconnections
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Why Traffic Monitoring and Revenue Verification?

Traffic Measurement and Billing
Policy Making
Regulatory Monitoring and Enforcement
Revenue Protection against Fraudulent Practices
National Security Analyses and Investigations
Enforces Transparency and Accountability