System Integration

IT infrastructure, one of the core components of businesses, are ever evolving and tend to get difficult to manage as companies grow. Fragmented systems can jeopardize productivity and may hinder processes, while increasing the costs. Our System Integration services can help overcome the complex challenges faced when consolidating existing applications with various third party solutions. We specialize in integrating multiple products to create a flexible centralized system of disparate software and tools to increase process visibility and optimize the workflow of businesses.

Our services also include integrating legacy systems with new software solutions to ensure optimal and efficient usage of available resources. Besides offering unparalleled business agility, our services help improve the efficiencies of the IT infrastructure.

Key Features
  • Integrating complex third-party products
  • Improves handling of overall business processes
  • Saves costs and time required for deployment
  • Domain expertise to deliver custom solutions
  • Meticulous project management delivering with time, cost and quality
  • Post deployment support for solutions by experts
Services Offered
Solutions Designing

We design customized solutions by integrating complex third party products and solutions together to satisfy the overall business requirements of our clients.

Process Transformation

Business workflows of our clients are thoroughly examined by us to introduce automated processes and remove unnecessary steps to help them meet their organizational goals.

Program Management

We help group multiple similar projects used by the clients into a single consolidated program and use specific techniques to ensure its efficient management.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Panamax Inc. analyzes historical and current data to help identify business trends and uses this data to forecast outcomes and future behaviors.

Business Strategy

Business strategies have a huge part to play and we take on the responsibility of designing them based on our clients’ unique business needs to help them secure a competitive position in the market.

Change Management

Objective, process or technological transitions can be frantic and need to be carried out with a systematic approach. We help companies adopt a feasible strategy to assist them during the transition.

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