Monitoring Solutions

Traffic Monitoring Solution from Panamax empowers the Regulators across the world to gain actionable insights into international and national traffic of all the Operators, hence helping eradicate telecom fraud and revenue leakage. The solution addresses SIM-boxing, under-declaration of traffic and price cutting by the operators, as well as revenue due to unfavorable collection cycles and payment terms.

This non-intrusive and automated solution collects data from all Operators, generating revenue monitoring and tax reports readily available both on-demand and scheduled. We offer a single platform for both traffic monitoring and revenue verification, enabling Regulators to act on relevant, up to date information without delay. Our solution is capable of monitoring interconnect, prepaid, post-paid and roaming traffic through a flexible architecture that can collect data from any source for any Operator. In addition, we offer a highly scalable solution for processing and storing billions of events.

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