Smart Biometrics

Panamax offers Smart Biometrics solution to help enterprises, governments and API partners to record and manage customer or visitor data. With increasing digital presence and transactions, we understand that it is essential to have a secured authentication and authorization mechanism for any organization or individual. Smart Biometric solution alleviates any identification issues where the resources can be taken, stolen, borrowed or even forgotten. A biometric can be conducted in several individual formats or in combinations through a PoS device, or even a mobile device.

smart biometrics modalities
Key Features
  • Forge-proof with advanced security
  • Document and biometric management
  • API-based framework for easier 3rd party integration
  • Partner management
  • Realtime validation and verification of fingerprint/face/iris
  • Configurable alerts and notification
  • Customizable workflows
  • Blacklist/Whitelist management
  • Flexible KYC fields and document collection, compression, storage and management
  • Maker-checker Model
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  • Centralized KYC data and record management
  • Realtime citizen/user/employee verification and validation
  • Establish transparency among users and end subscribers
  • Ease of use
  • Data accuracy
  • Optimum business and operational efficiency
  • Manage different tenants and their requirements
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