Revenue Assurance

Revenue Assurance is a business process to identify, measure & prevent the risk point of revenue leakage – the difference between expected revenue and actual revenue – for minimum opportunity loss. It is a data quality and process improvement method that improves profits, revenues and cash flows without influencing demand. The solution can limit the amount of money lost due to faulty billing systems, redundantly provided services and frauds. Inconsistencies in bills are removed by revenue assurance system for optimum accuracy.

  • Offers business insights and intelligence
  • Determination of usage data flows
  • Accuracy of end-to-end billing chain
  • Data reconciliation and TAP-in with billing statistics
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Why Choose
Revenue Assurance?

Evaluation of revenue leakage potential for each source
Subscription, usage, rating, mediation, interconnect, billing, and roaming assurance
Network usage data with interconnect settlement, billing statistics and accounts database
Validation of what is sold/ordered exactly with what is provided to customers
Inconsistency gaps and trend analysis
Action planning for revenue recovery