Microcredit Solution

The Microcredit solution by Panamax automates the process of offering financial services like loans and savings at micro or small-scale levels to individuals or groups with little or no income, thereby driving financial inclusion. This enterprise solution for lenders empowers companies to make credit available to underbanked, unbanked, and small businesses through online lending, blockchain, social network scoring, mobile data analytics and more.

The microfinance management software is capable of supporting the integration of third-party content. It is also equipped with APIs and development tools for deploying multiple value-added services. Our microfinance software solution fine-tunes existing processes and workflows as required. It is built to adapt to the changing business needs and can easily incorporate new products and business models.

Key Features
  • High-quality architecture for efficient workflow
  • Highly secured platform for providing instant loans to customers
  • GUI-based solution for diverse lending methodologies & institutional models
  • Interest calculation & repayment schedules
  • Integration with CRM, self-care or accounting software
  • Supports integration of third party content
  • Equipped with APIs and development tools for deploying multiple value-added services and offer competitive benefits
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MobiFin Micro Credit
Key Benefits
  • Enables MFIs to reduce costs of operations, add flexibility,
    and improve data accuracy
  • Ease of service distribution, customer acquisition,
    and greater reach
  • Customized workflows
  • Notifications and reminders for late payments and penalties
  • Customer portal and mobile app
  • Built-in intelligence
  • Customizable decision-making rules
  • Anti-fraud security
  • Integrated credit scoring
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