Clients Speak

We acclaim Panamax Inc. and its product MobiFin for its proven credentials, flexibility, and adaptability. The technical expertise and business exposure of professionals at Panamax contributed to our business and our company’s overall augmentation. Panamax has flawlessly demonstrated the ability to understand complex issues and successfully offered an effective solution by application of state-of-the-art technologies. We unequivocally recommend Panamax as one of the best partners to work with, especially the product, delivery, support, and training for the MobiFin platform.

Frederik Eijkman, CEO, Pesa Transact Limited

Cloud Interactive Associates Limited is pleased with the services offered to us by Panamax Inc. Their MobiFin platform is one of the best in the industry and offers a range of services that helped our bank client in Lagos, Nigeria to streamline their digital financial services. The team at Panamax particularly demonstrated sound judgment and commitment to delivering within the local environment despite the additional effort.

Adedeji Oyedele, Head Strategic & Planning, Cloud Interactive Associates Limited

I would like to take this opportunity to describe the exceptional work that Panamax did for Niger Telecoms with its state-of-the-art MobiFin Solution. The team at Panamax has strong work ethics and extensive expertise in their field, which enabled them to make some significant contributions to our organization. The MobiFin platform is a very carefully crafted digital financial solution and we are extremely happy with the results we have achieved after implementing it.

Abdou Harouna, CEO, Niger Telecoms

I am very happy with my company’s decision to choose the MobiFin solution for delivering Pin-less Airtime and EVD services to our customers. All our concerns were efficiently solved by the experts at Panamax who were not only quick to understand our problems, but also find the relevant solutions for smooth implementation and working. Their knowledge about the digital financial domain and innovative ideas helped our company introduce advanced financial services in Afghanistan.

Murtaza Rahnaward, e-Commerce and Mobile Money Director, Afghan Telecom Corporation/Salaam Network

We implemented the MobiFin Solution for our Pin-less Airtime and Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) requirement and were very impressed by the professionalism and technical knowledge demonstrated by the Panamax team. Panamax offered innovative solutions with their MobiFin platform to fulfill all our specific requirements. Overall, we are very pleased with the MobiFin solutions provided by Panamax and would suggest other organizations avail Panamax’s services.

Sirra Ndow, Group Head, QMoney Financial Services

Wizall Money selected Panamax’s MobiFin Digital Financial Suite based on its proven track record and flexibility in implementing new features and modules. The strong technological and global experience of the team at Panamax makes them capable of decoding complexities and providing appropriate resolutions. Panamax is the perfect fintech service provider and we strongly endorse their highly secured MobiFin platform to companies looking to deliver advanced digital financial services to their end customers.

Sebastien Vetter, CEO, Wizall Money

Our journey with Panamax began seven years ago with a simple e-top-up project. Together we have established Identity Infotech as a leader of financial products in Afghanistan. We are one of the first customers to use MobiFin Elite and I am amazed at the level of security it can offer. I can vouch for Panamax's products that deliver configurability, flexibility and scalability to any project. I recommend Panamax to all the businesses looking to capture the market.

Qasim Rasouli - CEO of Identity Infotech

"We are extremely satisfied with Me-Hin’s METT product powered by Panamax’s technology solution MToolKit. The product is of high-quality with highly reliable and worry-free security. Panamax understood our requirements completely and impressed us with prompt resolution of issues. The robust product was also instrumental in business growth over the years. We got super support for METT and its variant features like OCR printing and ACR card reader functions. Our customers are satisfied with the METT product, and so are we."

Ajay Mehta - CEO of Me-Hin

We are satisfied with the BillCall Solution that Panamax has provided for our interconnect billing requirements. The solution has been successfully implemented at our organization. Product deployment was a role model in terms of cooperation, planning and project management.

Sudatel - A Renowned Telecom Operator in North Africa

"We are thankful to Panamax for providing their stellar MFS solution. Their solution makes it possible for us to provide services and solutions to the financial sector within the region and deliver value added products and services to our customers. We're happy working with Panamax and seek a long-time mutually beneficial business alliance with them."

From Leading Service Provider in Africa

"We've been using BillCall from approximately 1 year and the application is very intuitive and easy to follow, their support always is available with the "Yes we can" attitude. Simple additions to their reports makes a complete reference for our billing targets and administration processes. If any error is detected, BillCall is very easy to correct it with the help of their knowledgeable support with a very short time response. BillCall is an affordable tool for all type of companies and I'm sure that will grow with your company on features, capacity and reliability for the years to come."

From A Renowned Telecom Company

"We needed a platform that was market-proven in rolling-out major new services quickly and easily. Also the flexibility and intelligence in the system means we can offer a range of tailored services to different market segments. Our experience with B2C from both a pre and post sales perspective has been fantastic. Their knowledgeable technical and sales staff provides timely and accurate responses to our technical & commercial questions playing a pivotal role in our ability to turn up markets quickly with a reliable and competitively positioned product that combines multiple networks into a seamless solution. B2C is a cost effective, well designed and implemented solution, supported by a first class organization."

From A Leading Mobile Operator In India