Network Switching Solutions

The Network Switching Subsystem (NSS) solutions by Panamax serve the switching, routing, transcoding and other business needs of global telecom operators, service providers, carriers, MNOS, MVNOs and more. They help companies unlock new opportunities at various market levels and segments to expand their businesses and effectively monetize telecom. Our suite of NSS products includes iMax, a Class-4 Softswitch and Bridge2Call, an Enterprise Retail Switch (Class-5). They enable telecom players to achieve financial and operational excellence through Unified Communications, VoBB, IP Telephony, Switching, Transcoding & Conference solutions.

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A next-generation Class-4 Softswitch with prepaid credit control management, high load-handling capabilities, and independent scaling of signaling & media.

An Enterprise Retail Switch (Class-5) & IP Telephony platform with advanced subscriber provisioning & tariff plan management for prepaid & postpaid businesses.