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Omni-channel Banking – The Winning Formula for Customer-Centric Experience

When most banks offer the same goods with no opportunity to compete on pricing, achieving excellence in customer satisfaction is the key to standing apart. Omni-channel banking is the revolutionary[...]

Digital Banking – Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry

The last decade has witnessed an immense penetration of digital-first technologies. The advances and evolution of these industries and increased use of smartphones have resulted in high demand for mobile-first[...]

Protecting Telco margins through IP Termination

The white paper discusses about the security threats to enterprise networks and how a robust class 5 integrated switches can be the solutions. The paper delves on the key technical[...]

Session Border Controllers in the Cloud

An SBC is a dedicated hardware device or software application that governs the manner in which phone calls are initiated, conducted and terminated on a VOIP network. This white paper[...]

Security for SIP-based VoIP Communications Solutions

Businesses are exposed to potentially deliberating cyber-attacks and exploitation of their IP network when they use SIP without any security barricades. The white paper explores this threat to businesses and[...]