Establish your Digital Payment Network with Best Security

MobiFin Elite is one-of-a-kind Digital Financial Platform that helps banks and financial firms to create solutions suitable for the constantly innovating financial marketplace. Security, scalability and omni-channel capability form the focus of this platform. Deployable on-premises, on cloud or in hybrid fashion, MobiFin Elite lets you be free of any infrastructural expenditure because we care for you so you can care for your customers.

Choosing MobiFin Elite is Your Best Bet
True Microservice Architecture

Experience the magic of a sophisticated platform with Kafka-based messaging bus architecture

256-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Leverage the power of most-secured Digital Financial Platform ever as we ensure near-zero frauds in financial transactions

API-first Design

Futuristic platform with all interactions using APIs making it easy to integrate with new digital solutions and third-party services.

Omni-channel User Experience

Your customers can enjoy seamless experience across all digital channels giving them ease of use and convenience

Flexible Implementation of Use Cases

Constantly evolving strategies? No problem, as you can integrate use cases at any stage of the project development

Cloud-enabled Multitenant System

Use your business capital wisely without having to spend on bulky hardware equipment and zero security concerns

MobiFin Elite Digital Financial Suite

MobiFin is a robust and secure digital financial services platform delivering fintech solutions to a range of user segments around the globe. The platform helps MNOs, MVNOs, mobile wallet operators, banks, financial institutions and aggregators to create their own customized digital ecosystem.

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No-code Low-code Platform based on Software Service Building Blocks

MobiFin Elite core platform is based on SSBBs (Software Service Building Blocks) running on true microservice architecture. These blocks are based on Expressions and Reflections framework providing configurability and flexibility to the core enabling digital services without any code changes. A futuristic design, thinking architecture with latest technology stack to keep you ahead of the competition.

Core Platform Capabilities

Transforming Digital Financial Landscape by Innovating Security in a financial platform

ECC-based security with PSD2 and GDPR compliance

API-first approach with open API framework

True microservices design enabling horizontal and vertical scalability

Central resource management and monitoring with intuitive dashboards

Non-blocking Architecture

ECC-based Secured Authentication

User-friendly cross-channel identity verification and efficient fraud management based on 256-bits Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Most secured cryptography to ensure financial security for data and transactions

  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography approach to asymmetric and symmetric key cryptography system
  • Optimal key size providing superior performance compared to RSA
  • Certified encryption method used by US government and the National Security Agency
  • Biometrics, e-signature, OTP, integrations with national ID registries
  • Pre-integrated with market leading IAM providers
  • API-enabled KYC implementation

Open Banking APIs

GUI-based integration and API management module offering flexibility and ease for API integrations for an enriching customer experience and improved revenue for the facilitators

  • Quick dynamic set-up
  • Adapter for incoming API
  • Easy vendor integration and configuration for outgoing API
  • Multi-protocol support – ReST/JSON, SOAP/XML, SwiftMT/MX, ISO 8583
  • ISO 20022 Easy vendor configuration
  • Easy access across various access channel making your services accessible to the customers

Platform Access Channel & Device Authentication

Define and configure authentication and authorization policies for different access channels like Mobile App, Web Portal, USSD, SMS, etc.

  • Oauth 2.0
  • PSD2 compliance through an integration platform with an API Gateway, SCA and Consent Management
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Device management policy (Single User/Multi-user)
  • Access channel-based login policy
  • Oauth (Re) authentication multi-factor authentication
  • API authentication
  • Authentication timeout

Notifications and Alerts with AML Rule Engine

Configurable and reusable notification templates for different events through different channels like SMS, email, app notifications, social media

  • Customized transactional notification for all parties involved
  • Successful and failed transaction notifications
  • Dynamic system variables for customization of messages
  • Wallet threshold linked to wallet user type and KYC profile
  • Transaction spike alert
  • High-value first cash-in alert
  • Cyclic transaction alert
  • Duplication alert
  • Configurable workflow to trigger notifications on configured events.

Redundancy and Multitenancy

Provides High Availability with Disaster Recovery and Multitenancy with optimal usage of hardware and software, eliminating issues with traditional software licensing and upgrade model

  • HA framework built with Kafka extensions for context-based mirroring and microservice logic
  • Driving disaster recovery plan through Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Efficient Disaster Recovery Solution so the servers are never down, even during routine maintenance
  • Internal Kafka extensions-based service management for high availability and service continuity
  • Cloud-enabled multitenant system with customized configuration ensuring reduced OpEx for customers

Reports and Dashboards

Detailed dashboards and reports available across multiple access channels for real-time analytics

  • In-depth data available for a 360-degree analysis thereby getting better customer understanding
  • AI-generated user report to pitch the right product for each customer based on usage, and preferences
  • Integrate your existing and future analytics, business intelligence or AI solutions
  • User-friendly dashboard and export features available for data download

Powerful Integrations

Legacy or modern, MobiFin Elite’s powerful platform can be integrated with any third-party solution to offer biometrics, virtual cards, tokenization, and other services

  • Embed any third-party solution or service into the existing processes (identity verification, facial recognition, PFM, credit scoring, etc.)
  • Leverage an Enterprise Integration Layer to modernize legacy architecture, reduce TCO, and reuse IT assets across workflows
  • Unify customer data across channel silos for omni-channel experiences and 360-degree customer views

Easy Customization and Configuration

MobiFin offers extensive set of functionalities which are in line with on-going trends in the market ensuring flexibility to choose as per the business need

  • Flexible commission structure
  • Operator can configure distribution hierarchy as per their business requirement up to n-level
  • Configurable thresholds and limits to prevent frauds which can vary as per the profile of the users
  • Pricing and fees configured in system can vary from user to user based on their profiles
  • Rules to manage transfers between two types of users configurable as per business needs

Multi-step Approval and Profiling/Segmentation

Offer separate profiles for customers and channel partners to provide different access rights to different users

  • No single handle control over sensitive data
  • Separate maker, checker, approver for key services
  • Premium services for privileged customers
  • Different commissions, offers and products to segments of choice

Deployment Flexibility

No restriction/limitation in deployment of solution

  • Allows deployment of the entire platform or selected modules
  • Cloud-scale/Cloud-native like Amazon, Azure
  • On-premises
  • Panamax Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • Deployable as an integrated as well as standalone system

eKYC and Digital Onboarding

Seamless onboarding of different user entities by collecting KYC details digitally

  • Configurable parameters
  • Dynamic KYC form building
  • Supports OCR, biometrics, image capture, e-sign
  • Flexible onboarding workflows
  • Integrations with National ID, third party KYC technology via APIs

Digital Customer Onboarding, and Account Opening

Achieve higher onboarding conversion rates. Grow share-of-wallet with seamless origination. Improve the security, quality and accuracy of document and data capture

  • Quick onboarding and origination – digital and paperless or hybrid; self or assisted; fully configurable
  • State-of-the-art UX and UI
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Visual application form configurator

Flexible Digital Products Creation

Create tailored digital products to respond to ever-changing customer needs. Use fees, commission splits, limits and other business rules. Sync with any core banking or insurance system

  • Loans: Shorten loan TAT and create targeted offers and efficient credit decision processes. Supercharge with analytics and AI to automate loan renewal and offer intelligent nano-loans
  • Savings, Deposits, Current Accounts: Quickly launch new product variations for targeted customer segments
  • Cards: Issue credit, debit, and pre-paid cards, both personalized and pre-printed
  • Insurance: Offer digital insurance policies, sold through digital self-service or via agents/ brokers; manage end-to-end policy and claim lifecycles

Settlement and Ledger Management

GUI-based dynamic and configurable ledger and settlement management for entities like Customer, Merchant, Agent, and Vendor

  • Supports traditional to advanced settlements
  • Configuration of different ledgers and accounts
  • Supports settlement to reconcile any account like clearing, prepaid, accrual and/or temporary accounts
  • Single and batch processing-based settlement and reconciliation
  • Supports electronic cash ledgers
  • Supports reversal of settlements

Agent/Merchant Management

Ensure the efficient performance of your network operations

  • Flexible agent/merchant hierarchies and roles
  • Configurable rules for commission sharing
  • Mobile onboarding for agents/merchants
  • Performance management

Customized Products and Payment Processing

Configure, manage and offer full spectrum of payments in fintech across different domains like Mobile Money, Digital Banking, Loan Products, and Loyalty Programs

  • Easy configuration of products
  • Define ledgers for every product
  • Define inward and outward transaction settlements
  • Define multiple accounts payment transaction flow
  • End-to-end reconciliation of transactions
  • Fund management
  • Unlimited operational accounts as per the business requirement
  • Refunds/reversals
  • Supports interoperability
  • Multi-currency
  • API integrations for offering 3rd party products

Dynamic Reporting Tool

A GUI-based and query-based reporting tool to generate and view different reports with required parameters and filters

  • Query-based report tool
  • Scheduled and on-demand reports
  • Support various formats like xls, csv, pdf
  • Schedule and run processes
  • Define your own set of filters and columns for reports

Virtual Cards and Tokenization

Contactless, sophisticated and easy to use payment module for new-age transactions

  • Acquire new customers quickly at a low risk by issuing virtual cards, upsell with more products to increase customer value
  • Tokenize existing and new physical and virtual cards for secured NFC payments through our trusted third-party providers
  • Expedite payment process by saving shoppers payment details in a secured manner. One-click payment to increase conversion at the checkout page
  • Virtual tokens make it difficult to make the payment data prone to any fraudulence since they cannot be linked to the payment information stored securely by the payment partner

True Microservice Architecture

Strengthening technology with execution units breaking down a service into multiple sub-execution units

  • Indigenous framework enabling flexible Inter-microservice messages
  • Tight Kafka integrated dynamic thread pool
  • Non-blocking asynchronous process for parallel processing
  • Facilitates efficient and cost-effective change control
  • Optimum utilization of the hardware for faster processing
  • Better configurability of the system in minimal time
  • Single component scaling


Design Canvas

Create a seamless customer experience with a dedicated Backend For Frontend (BFF) interfaces with menu manager and content management system to offer state-of-the-art UI/UX

  • Headless static pages and HTML blocks, that render without any platform dependency, FAQ, Contact us, Landing page configuration
  • Can build dynamic form with 15+ HTML inputs and 100+ attributes
  • Manage service configuration, service flow configuration, dashboard and drawer configuration for mobile app and web portal
  • Dynamic language dictionary
  • API gateway management
  • Dynamic Header/Footer management with menu access control
  • Dynamic currency management

Mobiview – Spend Less Time Tracking, More Time Growing

Offers real-time transaction and system monitoring powered by ELK stack (with Kibana) which offers instantaneous insights of logs, application status and system statistics

  • Different type of visualizations (Area, Metric, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Heat Maps, Region Map)
  • Different dashboards with facility to share and embed
  • Set of pre-configured dashboards
  • Allows configuration alerts for different events
  • Provides the feature to schedule monitoring activities
  • Discover and analyze data by using the query-based tool
  • JVM monitoring
  • Servers monitoring
  • System and services availability monitoring
  • Webhooks available for configuring alerts over email/SMS

Chatbots and Conversational Banking

AI-powered chatbots to engage the customers and address any grievances in real-time

  • Encouraging digital engagement while cutting down on customer services infrastructure
  • Improved Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing through existing social media channel or website
  • Availability in multiple languages, 365/24/7 addressing the need to cater to the global customer base
  • Track purchasing patterns and consumer behaviours by monitoring user data
  • Improved customer engagement with conversational format
  • Transactional chatbots to automate uncomplicated tasks particularly in banking, insurance and e-commerce sectors
It’s not just A Platform, it’s An Experience
Wallet Platform

Comprehensive Wallet Platform with sub-wallets, pockets, and parent-child-sibling wallets. Can be linked to bank accounts, trust accounts, cards, etc.

Payment Platform

Comprehensive Payment Platform for merchant payments, peer-to-peer payments, bill payments, tax collection, subsidy disbursement, and ACH

Banking API Platform

Open banking APIs, core banking interface, and agency banking interface

Customer Value Enhancer Platform

Flexible commissioning, loyalty/rewards, campaign management, and micro-credit/micro-loan servicing platform

Digital Financial Solutions

MobiFin Elite Platform provides a range of Digital Financial Solutions developed to help financial service providers serve their customers efficiently. Our focus? Convenience of the Customer.

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