e-Lend Microcredit Solution

e-Lend Microcredit solution is an intelligent automated platform empowering companies to make credit available to ordinary people and small businesses through online lending, blockchain, social network scoring, mobile data analytics and more. The enterprise solution for lenders is capable of driving financial inclusion and give credit to various customer segments including underbanked and unbanked.

Key Benefits

  • Gain time efficiencies with automated processing
  • Modular approach for microlending
  • Affordable for solo online lenders and mid-size financial institutions
  • Timely updates to keep a track of banking regulations
  • Access to our proprietary credit risk score card
  • Built-in triggers to keep you out of any payment issue
  • Easy to access fully managed solution with 24/7 tech support
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Why Choose
e-Lend Microcredit?

Advanced technology
Ease of use
Holistic and modular
Built-in intelligence
Customizable decision-making rules
Anti-fraud security
Big data processing
Integrated credit scoring