Unified Communication – Gateway to New Business Opportunities for Telcos/ISPs

Posted by Chetan Khatri on / March 21, 2017
Unified Communication – Gateway to New Business Opportunities for Telcos/ISPs

Unified Communication is the combination of real-time communication methods like Instant Messaging (IM), SIP Telephony (residential VoIP), Audio / Video Calls with conferencing, File/Data Sharing, Call control & speech recognition. It also includes non-real-time communication features/services like voicemail, e-mail, SMS (Short Message Service) and fax.

Unified Communication caters a wide range of products and provides flexibility of product shaping according to the needs of business services. With the rolling out of new LTE 4G services, Unified Communication features are now more strengthened in terms of connectivity, crystal clear voice clarity and fast switching with low bandwidth consumption.

Whenever communication & collaboration means of products are mentioned, Telcos play a very important part in rolling out new communication mediums to attract new subscribers.

Unified Communication

The future generation is moving towards wireless communication with stronger, effective and feature rich ways of communication. Internet of Things plays a major role in changing the ways to communication and so as the product lines and solution for Telcos. UC is totally dependent on Internet of Things (IoT) and enables ISPs have great opportunities to club the UC services with their data plans for Enterprises & End Subscribers.

With Unified Communications products like Hosted IP PBX, IP Telephony, SIP Trunking, Calling Card and Virtual Number (Direct Inward Dial) with Mobile Dialer, applications specific to services can be provided adding more value to the service. These products can be build up with minimum infrastructure and do not involve huge operations cost. IoT based deployment is really easy and can be done in just hours/days instead of months. Here is the comparison of EPBAX & Cloud based PBX to help understand the changing face of communication through Unified Communication.

IoT based Cloud PBX

The enterprise businesses are growing with overseas collaborations and this kind of Cloud based PBX model has become the need of the hour for them. Telcos/ISPs having huge database of customers/subscribers can roll out Cloud based PBX services with not just PBX service but Telcos can also get the opportunity to draw business from long distant clients. This becomes a single point of the business contact for such Corporate/Enterprise clients.

Hosted PBX

Businesses today are keen towards Unified Communication and Infonetics has the most aggressive outlook, the market is expected to reach $80+ billion in 2018 for Unified Communication services. Diane Myers, principal analyst for VoIP, Unified Communication, and IMS at Infonetics Research, has this to say: Business VoIP services has grasped well beyond early stages challenges into mainstream, strengthened by the exponential growth & adoption of SIP trunking and IoT cloud based services worldwide.

Keeping in pace with this current telecommunications industry trend, Panamax offers an indigenous Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) suite, a combination of non-real-time and real-time communications including IP & Voice Telephony, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Data Sharing and others in one interface. Our UC&C platform helps companies adapt to market changes quickly, increase productivity, gain a competitive advantage, and deliver a rich-media experience across all the workspaces.

Chetan Khatri

Chetan Khatri

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