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The customers using Mobile Banking also benefit immensely at they are empowered to:

  • Get Account Related notifications and alerts
  • Request for Stop Payment & Issue of Cheque Books
  • Interbank Transfers, Bank -Wallet-Bank Transfers
  • Making Bill payments & Airtime Top up using funds in bank account
  • Withdrawal at ATMs without using debit cards
  • Service requests for loan application

Increased Market Penetration

The Mobile Banking service helps banks penetrate new regions and geographies without having to invest in expensive infrastructure of bank branches and ATMs. The banks customers can manage many transactions from their mobile handsets without having to visit a bank branch or ATM except when they need to deposit or withdraw cash. Deposits and withdrawals via retail agents can also be automated and managed by deploying Agent Banking module.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Availability of Mobile Banking enriches customer experience, convenience, engagement and interaction with the bank and improves service quality perception.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Mobile banking is a self-service empowerment to the customers and thus reduces the dependency of bank's staff to facilitate the services. The number of transactions managed by a Mobile Banking platform is many folds higher that what can be achieved through staff or ATM based delivery.

Quick and Easy Deployment

Our Mobile Banking solution offers seamless integration and provides quick, easy and secure deployment of different back-end hosts.

New Revenue Stream

Banks generate revenues from the untapped markets through transaction fees and cross-sell other financial services to the new segment. MNOs and service providers generate revenues through transaction fees and can also cross-sell their respective other services.

Efficiently Integrates into existing mobile and banking infrastructure

Our flexible and fault resilient architecture assures seamless integration with various back-end hosts that helps customers reduce time and effort invested in integration, testing and deployment.

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