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Panamax is a Telecom & Mobile Financial Technology company that is enabling the service providers to grow by leveraging effective service delivery practices in telecom and finance operations across global networks. We enhance the performance of heterogeneous network connections, boost-up the efficiency of carriers and intensify the capacity of congested networks. We are committed to provide the long-term solution to our customers by offering comprehensive ecosystem using innovative platform, applications and service.

The Company

Since 2001, we have been delivering world class telecom and technology turnkey solutions to our esteemed clients. The Company offers market-proven Switching, Provisioning, Transaction and Service management solutions, with products serving over millions of users over networks spanning across the globe. Panamax is headquartered in New York, and has vast resources in R&D, marketing and support serving hundreds of customers.

We are well renowned global provider of telecom & Mobile Financial solutions, enabling service providers, resellers and content providers around the world to evolve communications and mobile finance services through technology innovations.

Panamax is a sound integration of conceptualization, optimization, performance and configuration. These four aspects are the cornerstones of our product suites.

Why Panamax

We have been in this sector for a decade and have enriched our technological expertise with each passing phase and completion of projects. In addition, over the years we have established state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and brought on board an expert and qualified team of IT professionals to deliver world class solutions to our clientele across the globe.

Our Journey