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BillCall provides a unique and advanced Rate Management. It automates customer rate notifications and manages the vendor rates for relevant dates, codes & country group minutely with absolute accuracy guaranteed. All the carriers use a different rate format for rate presentation while some of them use CSV, the others use Excel format. The interactive rate upload process of BillCall Rate Management provides a comparison between new & existing rates and reviews the uploaded rates for validity and accuracy.

Key Features

Automated vendor rate upload management

Automated rate verification and intimation management

Rate notification in customers’ desired format

Support for peak, off-peak and weekend rates

Support for destination wise billing Increments

Automated dial code analysis, rate analysis, and customer target Analysis

Key Benefits

Ultimate time saver due to almost 100% automation of processes

Provision for faster management of special business case scenarios

Quick decisions based on real-time rate change analysis

Better control on revenue and margins with greater visibility

Less number of billing disputes with accurate rate upload and management

Flexible billing increment configurations as per market needs

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