8 Ways Unified Communications can take your efforts to the Next Level

Posted by Kavita Parmar on / March 2, 2017

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8 Ways Unified Communications can take your efforts to the Next Level

Unified communications is the integrated communication service that is used by many organizations to optimize the business processes. Marketing team plays a vital role in generating profit and revenue for the business, and impressive communication and alliance are crucial for team’s success. Marketing people are every day in contact with the clients, agencies, suppliers, etc. and to get the effective work result, they have to coordinate with the sales and product development team and as well as depend on the details from their communications channels to weigh the marketing campaigns success.

Unified Communications (UC) plays an imperative part in those operations by providing low cost communication and collaboration between different channels likes email, chat, video, voice, conferencing, messaging and more.

Other ways in which Unified Communications can streamline the collaboration and communication between the various departments of your organization -

1. Sales and Marketing team’s Collaboration

Usually, marketing and sales teams work individually, even though their customers and prospects are same. Improving the collaboration between these two teams can give high values to your business like increased revenues, faster deal closing, etc.

Marketing team runs different campaigns to generate sales leads and generate content that encourages prospects through increasingly complex sales cycles involving many decision makers. It is essentials for the sales team to understand the marketing campaigns and give their feedback so that they can improve the campaign’s performance. With Unified communications and collaboration, both teams can run deliverable campaigns and have a content delivery system to convert the prospects into sale.

UC supports sales and marketing team by making it easier to collaborate and share information through telephony, video conferencing, file sharing, email, instant messaging and voicemail.

2. Data Shared within CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

UC supports the integration of CRM software with the phone devices. The marketing team can easily access the client details, sales records in response to marketing and sales initiatives. This will help them when they are planning to do campaigns like email marketing or telemarketing. Shared CRM data helps the sales and marketing to align the process and in ensuring that both of them have a same view of the customers.

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3. Easy Campaign Management

With UC, marketing and sales team can easily plan and manage the marketing campaigns together. For example – the Product Launch. A product launch is a very crucial task, it involves coordination between different teams like marketing, product experts, sales manager, research experts and designers. Unified Communications make the collaboration easier with audio, video, telephony and web conference. All the persons can easily connect with each other through their laptops, PCs, VoIP enabled mobile phones from their respective locations. All they want is just an internet connection to access the VoIP network for joining the meetings. UC helps employees by allowing them to work effectively from any internet accessible location and today that’s the key driver for any person’s productivity.

Currently, there are so many communications tools available to manage the teamwork, but sometimes it becomes difficult for team members to track all the project details and updates. It becomes easy to exchange and collect the details via email, voicemail, text, etc. UC helps them to track all the data with the feature called Unified Messaging. It provides a functionality to collect all the messages in a single inbox, so no need to check the project updates on different platforms.

4. Streamline Agency Meetings

The on-time meetings between the marketing team, external vendors/agencies and suppliers can be hectic and time-consuming, especially for the everyday communications. With UC, it is very easy to set up a multimedia conference to discuss the changes, updates and review the design campaigns or other important things. With UC’s screen sharing functionalities, participants can easily view and review the files, graphics, presentations, video and other content.

5. Regularly Communicate with the Clients

To nurture prospects, generate brand awareness and build a strong & long-term relationships with the clients, regular communication is required. Also, the broadcast messaging feature, makes it easy to maintain the communication.

Broadcast text messaging is an easy, cost-effective way to send the promotional offers, new products details and upcoming event details to your customers. By just one simple instruction, you can broadcast the same message to the thousands of people.

6. Easy to Collect Customer Feedback

With UC’s broadcast functionalities, you can automatically set up a telephone survey systems to collect the customer feedback by phone. It will help you to get the initial feedback for any products, promotional offers, etc. With no extra effort, you can set up an automated phone survey with thousands of the customers.

7. Evaluate Campaign Results

With the call analytics functionality of Unified Communications, you can get the customer behaviour insights which can help in future product campaigns.

With UC, you can allocate the virtual numbers to your different marketing campaigns or sales initiatives and all the calls coming to this virtual numbers are forwarded to your business. By analysing all the call data, you can measure the user response for the different campaigns and can take a further step for the next initiatives. Also, all this call analytics data is integrated with the CRM systems, so you can use this data for future lead nurturing and other marketing campaigns.

8. Improve Individual Productivity

Unified Communications can also help the busy marketing professionals to improve their productivity. With the Follow me feature, calls can be forwarded to mobiles, voicemail or other contact numbers, making it easier to reach the people. So, the employees who are away from their desks can easily take a call from any location.

In these ways, Unified Communications help reduce the communication gap between the teams and enhance the work efficiency of the employees through an effective communication and collaboration system. Panamax’s Bridge2Call offers a complete suite of Unified Communication and Collaboration for order processing, service configuration & activation, authentication dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and more.

Kavita Parmar

Kavita Parmar

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