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BillCall Retail is a convergent charging and billing platform offering prepaid and postpaid services with different business support modules such as convergent rating and billing, product catalog management, recharge and voucher management, customer lifecycle management, provisioning and service fulfillment. Converged charging and billing system can be integrated with several network components as per the requirement. Prepaid billing system makes use of online charging, also called ‘real-time charging’. Prepaid charging systems can be integrated with the legacy network elements (MSC, PSTN, SMSC, MMSC, GGSN), EPC (PCRF, PGW), IMS (PCSCF, AS), Interconnect and other VAS applications. Postpaid billing supports multi-cycle billing, trial bill run, hot billing, tax, and discounts. The solution also facilitates the integration of third-party accounting system to maintain financial transactions such as payments and adjustments. This solution optimizes development and deployment costs while supporting operators during every phase of the customer lifecycle.

Key Features

Subscriber Provisioning

Subscriber life Cycle Management

Centralized Product Catalogue & Lifecycle Management

Convergent online/offline charging

Convergent Billing

Voucher and Recharge Management

Tax and Discount Management

Payment and Revenue Management

Trouble Ticketing

Self-Care Portal

Key Benefits

Customer care and provisioning platform over wireline & wireless networks

Product bundling through flexible product bundling architecture

‘Easy to build’ interface to create new offers/products

Faster integration, implementation & launch of new services

N Level Hierarchy for Subscriber with Lifecycle Management & Monitoring

Unified prepaid & postpaid controls for seamless subscriber experience

Real-time charging to rate/meter any type of utility bills

End-to-end automation and real-time service activation for rapid customer acquisition

Real-time notifications for all ongoing activities or events

Increased security & detailed insight through audit trails

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