Barcelona / March 8, 2019

Super Secure MobiFin Elite 5.0 Steals the Show at MWC 2019


The Mobile World Congress 2019, a premiere event of the mobile industry, is always a great place to visit, considering it plays host to a variety of new technologies. MWC provides a great platform to both established and upcoming companies to showcase their expertise in the mobile industry. It is a perfect place to meet existing and potential customers and forge new business relations. Fintech industry saw major representation at the event and we witnessed the surge in ePayment, remittances, open banking APIs and increasing convergence of mobile money wallets and banking.

The latest edition of the event that recently concluded in Barcelona, Spain was all the more special for Panamax as it witnessed the unveiling of MobiFin Elite 5.0, our cutting-edge FinTech solution designed for super secure and seamless financial transactions. MWC 2019 gave us an opportunity to meet not only our existing partners, but also some potential ones who demonstrated a keen interest in the solution, particularly due to its state-of-the-art architecture. We also got in touch with telecom operators who have implemented the first generation MobiFin solutions and are looking to launch next generation solutions as well as financial service providers specializing in merchant payments with staggering transaction volumes.

MobiFin Elite 5.0 rightly deserved all the buzz it generated with its ability to carry out transactions with utmost security through Elliptic Curve Cryptography – 256 bits. The mobile financial solution designed for banks, telecom operators, aggregators and merchants is based on true microservice architecture with API integration and a cloud-enabled multi-tenant system. The visitors were interested in understanding the technical value proposition of MobiFin Elite 5.0 that allows ease of configuration, high availability, disaster recovery, flexible services and flow configuration, thus offering zero fraud transactions. The scalability and ease of configuration of the platform 5.0 grabbed eyeballs and resulted in several brain-storming sessions. The technical architecture of the platform with latest features and support to 1000 use cases was also appreciated by the audience. The concept and the idea of such a holistic and secured FinTech product was well received by the attendees.

Talking about his experience at the MWC, Manoj Jain, Chief Operating Officer, Panamax, said, “It was a great experience to be a part of MWC 2019 which gave us a platform to connect with our existing customers and also discover potential customers and partners. We are also thankful for the overwhelming response we received for MobiFin Elite 5.0 that generated over 90 meetings in 4 days! We are thrilled with the preview responses to our platform and are driven to take it to the next level.”

Jay Jayasimha, Chief Technology Officer, Panamax, found the overall experience at the event to be extremely positive. “MobiFin Elite garnered a lot of buzz and the industry leading security mechanism, Elliptical Curve Cryptography, was the highlight.” he said.
“Security was an important topic of discussion at the event, as customers seek to protect their data and transactions, and stem fraud in its tracks. The attendees at the event were quite interested to know more about the flexibility and scalability of our platforms. We are very hopeful of some mutually beneficial business partnerships with financial service providers and operators who are looking for solid product that will serve them for decades to come, evolve to offer new services and help the customers evolve their businesses.” added Jayasimha.

The MWC proved to be a win-win situation for both Panamax and our esteemed partners and we look forward to being a part of the event next year!

Watch our Group Chief Technical Officer, Jay Jayasimha discuss the technical excellence of our Mobile Financial Solution MobiFin Elite 5.0.