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Kew Gardens, NY Jul 06 2016

Panamax Inc. Partners with TelcoBridges to Address Network Transformation


Panamax Inc., a modern voice and payment solutions provider have teamed up with TelcoBridges, the leading designer, and manufacturer of carrier grade, high-density VoIP media gateways, to provide an end-to-end interconnect solution for carriers worldwide.

The first deployment of this solution interconnects Salnet’s new network with other carrier networks in El Salvador with Panamax’s suite of solutions delivering the services to Salnet’s customers. The deployment demonstrates the completeness of an integrated solution including delivery of advanced voice services, integrated billing, support for local number portability, and a path forward for Salnet to bring to market new services in the future.

The deployment epitomizes the current trend in the telecommunications industry: network transformation. Service providers around the world are modernizing their voice networks by replacing their legacyTDM-based infrastructure with next-generation VoIP technology. By replacing its legacy network with a VoIP solution that combines Panamax’s iMax service provider platform and TelcoBridges’ TMG7800 signaling and media gateway, Salnet is able to reduce its cost of operations while bringing new services to market.

“Service providers require reliable and scalable SS7interconnections along with the functionality provided by a modern Softswitch,and our collaboration with Panamax addresses these requirements,” said Richard Gendron, CEO of TelcoBridges. “Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with Panamax for the benefit of our customers.”

The solution is unique in that it covers all aspects of telecommunications service provisioning: Class 4 switching, Local NumberPortability (LNP) lookup, national and international carrier connectivity,least-cost routing and billing.

“The integration of TelcoBridges’ gateways and our full suite of carrier products is seamless,” said Bankim Brahmbhatt, President & CEO of Panamax Inc. “The total solution is supported by Panamax with local engineering and support staff in our offices in El Salvador.”

The partnership brings to market a next generation voice switching solution based on Panamax’s service delivery platform and TelcoBridges’ media gateways. The solution is comprehensive: it fulfills all the requirements of service providers wishing to modernize their network. It exhibits the versatility of TelcoBridges’ gateways that are able to adapt to different national signaling requirements. Service providers aiming to modernize their network should consider the solution powered by Panamax and TelcoBridges as a cost-effective and future-proof alternative to traditional offerings.

About TelcoBridges:

TelcoBridges is a leader in the design and manufacture of carrier grade, high performance, and high-density VoIP media gateways, which bridge the gap between TDM and IP. 

This Press Release was first published on PRWeb

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